Wednesday, October 26, 2011

When did this happen?

I keep switching from this
to this,

I don't like it.  One day I'm bawl baby.  The next I feel like a 90 yr old fart.  And then once in awhile I feel like this:

I like being like this.  It's a lot more fun.  Luckily I have this guy to help me with that:

Thank goodness or I'd probably turn out like this:

Friday, September 16, 2011


Today was our 2 month anniversary. Awwww so special right? Ha we ruined the moment by saying it felt like it's been a lot longer, which sounded kind of bad so then we didn't mention it again.  BUUUUT.... real life has started.  It's fun, but hard! We knew it would be but I think we were both secretly hoping we'd float along, worry-less.  But then all these things started happening like rent, broken computers, new computers, car insurance (who knew it was so much?), tests, teaching responsibilities, etc. etc. Despite the new worries in our lives, we still manage to laugh as much as ever- mostly thanks to Taylor.  I tend to stress a lot more than he does, so he balances me out :)

 Just doing some mini golf- I started out winning but lost my patience and he creamed me.  Story of our lives.
Our cousin Kevin got us tickets to see a Beatles tribute band.  It was AMAZING.  I loved it but it made me miss Nate like crazy! (P.S. he has been in Argentina for 2 weeks now and is loving it.)

Good news is..... I really really love teaching.  Like a lot a lot.  I can not wait to have my own classroom where I'm not observed at every single moment of the day.  My supervising teacher was gone that last 2 days and I got those little terrors all to myself the whole time.  I was relieved to find out that they were my favorite days so far.  My supervising teacher is amazing too.  I'm so lucky to have someone great to work with and great kids too.  It sounds cheesy but I really fell in love with those kiddos in about two seconds.  Yesterday as they were walking out the door and I was saying bye, one of the boys said bye missy woodruff! I love you! The other kids laughed but I seriously almost had tears coming out! Weird since I don't cry very often AT ALL.  But it just made me feel so good.  I think I picked the right career.

Taylor is doing awesome.  He is working so hard at school and working.  He works for a company that works with schools setting up financial literacy programs.  His bosses love him and are excited for the growth he's already helping them with.  He is one of those people that if they set their mind to something, they will accomplish it no matter what.  And nothing can change his mind.  I feel so lucky to be able to watch him figure out exactly what he wants and go for it.

So.... real life is hard.  But worth it. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011


This is my first blog and I feel like such a noob- I'm technologically challenged and it took me about 2 hours to figure out how to put a background on this thing! But I thought I would get it started since it seems like everyone gets one after they get married :)

A little update on our lives- we are living down in Orem in a little basement apartment and we love it! We are enjoying spending time together before school starts and takes over our lives.  Next week we will start saying goodbye at 7:00 AM and say hello again at 8:00 PM.  We might go through some separation anxiety but hopefully we'll survive :) I'm doing my student teaching at Suncrest Elementary and Taylor is going to UVU and working part time as a cleaner at a private school in Provo.  We love life and we love each other!

A few photos from our honeymoon! We spent a week in St. George RELAXING, golfing, eating, laying by the pool, going to tuachan, going to movies, and anything else we felt like.  It was pretty great.